Hemp Harvest and Processing

Many Tennessee farmers say hemp production isn’t living up to the hype. Pests, diseases, the space needed for conventional drying, and finding a buyer are some of the challenges. Sheri Gramer visits Allenbrooke Farms in Maury County TN to find out about the first year of hemp production.

Plants Featured in this Clip

Cannabis sativa 'Silver Haze' 'Two Beards'

Gardener Extras

  1. In the female cannabis plant, the cola is where the bud blossoms and the surrounding plant material.
  2. The most celebrated of hemp's chemicals is cannabidiol which has come to be known as CBD. CANNABIS sativa 'Silver Haze'.
  3. Hemp crops are susceptible to diseases such as blight, Fusarium wilt, Fusarium root rot, Pythium crown and root rot, and powdery mildew.

Gardener Notes

www.allenbrookefarms.com [email protected]

Sheri Gramer

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