Choosing a Bamboo Variety

Chris Buker of Almaville Bamboo Company explains how he helps consumers get the right bamboo variety to match their objectives and the planting area.

Gardener Extras

  1. Remarkably, bamboo in North America is usually pest and disease free. Bamboo is a strong and resilient plant and is more likely to die from a lack of water, or too much of it.
  2. Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than trees, and it consumes more carbon dioxide than any other plant.
  3. Bamboo is superior at preventing soil erosion and flooding due to its complex network of roots.
  4. Bamboo is in the same plant family as grass, Poaceae.
  5. The culm is the main stalk of any grass. The culm (cane) of the bamboo can be found in solid colors of green, yellow, gold, brown, black, red, to hues of blue.

Gardener Notes

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