Pests: Gardener Considerations

A discussion about what gardeners should consider when planting and mulching so as to reduce the risk of pest problems in/around the house or other structure.

Gardener Extras

  1. Pests can carry allergens into the home. Their feces can also cause allergic reactions adn their shedding skin can pollute your indoor air.
  2. Knowing what kind of ants you have is an important step in control, as some are particular about what baits they will feed on. Baits are a safer and effective option for most ants.
  3. Carpenter ants are major structural pests in some parts of the country. While they don't eat wood, their well-muscled jaws are capable of hollowing out solid pine or fir lumber to make nest galleries.
  4. A single house mouse leaves behind 3,000 micro droplets of urine a day. This urine, which contains a host of bacteria and viruses, lies wherever the mouse has traveled.

Julie Berbiglia

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