Restoration Rose

We are treated to a long stroll through a rose lover’s backyard full of older hybrids and some ‘found’ rose varieties. There are climbers, ramblers and shrubs; all 100% organically grown.

Plants Featured in this Clip

Rosa 'Alpenfee' 'Flamenco Rosita' 'Veilchenblau' 'Francis E. Lester' 'Arcata Pink Globe' 'Gartendirecktor Otto Linne' 'Rose Poseidon' 'Rose Golden Fairy Tale'

Gardener Extras

  1. Rosa 'Mel's Heritage' named by it's creator, Paul Barden, for Mel Hulse, one of the founders of the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden.
  2. Tom Carruth is one of America's leading hybridizers working for Weeks Roses 1988-2012. He holds more than 75 plant patents and 100 introductions. Carruth introduced 11 All-America Rose Selections winning roses in just a 14-year period.
  3. Rambling roses are very large and hardy rose bushes with flexible canes that bloom only once in the early summer, although some will bloom more often. Many rambler roses are fragrant and put on a grand display when in bloom.

Gardener Notes

Matt Kerske

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