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Community of gardeners on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Community of gardeners

Matt Kerske takes us along to a community garden with more than 70 raised beds, support for pollinators, a shared herb garden and a farm stand for sharing surplus. This great model is at Del Webb at Lake Providence in Mt. Juliet, TN.

Border beds and island beds on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Border beds and island beds

This stunning garden is an example of putting garden design principles into practice. An interesting aspect to this garden is that its caretaker has an affinity for pre-historic looking plants.

Gardening on the Mountaintop on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Gardening on the Mountaintop

This is a tour of an extraordinary garden. It is special in that it is on top of Signal Mountain in Tennessee. It is special in its size, covering what amounts to seven residential lots. It is special in plant palette and presentation. And it is impressive in that the garden continues down the mountain side. Troy Marden leads us on the tour with the homeowner/gardener.

Urban Oasis using Natural Elements on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Urban Oasis using Natural Elements

We tour the backyard of a landscape designer and find cohesiveness in the repetition of color and plant choices. There's gathering spots accented with great natural elements and salvaged items that are up-cycled into outdoor furniture and garden accents..

A Moss Garden on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

A Moss Garden

We tour a hilltop garden and see the beauty, and practicality of incorporating a variety of mosses in the landscape.

Mixed Border Beds on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Mixed Border Beds

We stroll the grounds of a master gardener who spends countless time planning, prepping, planting and nurturing his mixed border beds.

Japanese Maple Collection on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Japanese Maple Collection

A husband and wife started out with a fascination for bonsai Japanese maples, and soon collecting Japanese maples for their yard has become a passion.


Hosta, Hydrangea and a Hillside

A delightful gardener speaks of her garden's evolution over the past 18 years with the help of her husband. The backyard proved a challenge due to the significant slope and predominant shade, but they overcame the environmental obstacles.

Plant Lover's Paradise on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Plant Lover’s Paradise

Annette Shrader meets a gardener whose approach to gardening is 'divide and conquer".

Japanese Maples - A Foliage Fixation on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Japanese Maples – A Foliage Fixation

A lot of gardeners find a certain type of plant they like, and then become collectors of that particular plant. Such is the case with man, and his love of Japanese maples.

Estate garden on Cumberland Plateau on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Estate garden on Cumberland Plateau

We tour a large estate garden on the Cumberland Plateau where the homeowner is an enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer.

Asian Influenced Garden of Sun and Shade on NPT's Volunteer Gardener

Asian Influenced Garden of Sun and Shade

Painting with plants is how the designer described his approach to this garden plan that has shade and sun in one yard. He continually looked at the space from inside the house to make plant choices and placement decisions.