Hybridizing Daylilies as a Hobby

Cross a diploid with another diploid. Tetraploid with another tetraploid. Hybridizing hobbyists love to work with daylilies because it is a relatively simple process. Annette Shrader visits with one such hobbyist to learn more and see some of her creations.

Plants Featured in this Clip

Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus (Daylilly)

Gardener Extras

  1. Daylily Mecca is an annual event when a cluster of daylily hybridizers in north central Florida open their gardens to the public during peak bloom, generally mid-May.
  2. Most daylilies are teh 'normal' diploid type, having 2 sets of 11 chromosomes, or 22 chromosomes per cell. In the 1950s, scientists developed the first tetraploid daylilies.
  3. A Parterre garden is positioned on a flat area with a formal arrangement of plants, flowers, and paths.

Annette Shrader

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