Ann and Monroe Carell Jr. Family Sculpture Trail

The sculpture trail was established in 1999 at Cheekwood Estate and Gardens through a donation from Ann and Monroe Carrel Jr. The trail underwent renovation to upgrade the pathways and add to the plant collection. Reopening in 2020, the trail features 10 works on a 1.5 mile woodland walkway. The plant palette is 100% native with very few cultivars. More than 700 trees and shrubs were added during the renovation, with the continued goal to have as much plant diversity as possible.

Plants Featured in this Clip

SILENE virginica 'Fire Pink'

Gardener Notes

Cheekwood Estate and Gardens: The Family Sculpture Trail was established in 1999 through a generous donation of Ann and Monroe Carell, Jr. The following sculptures are on exhibit on the trail. Doug Hollis: 'High-back Windharp Chairs'-1987. Painted steel and piano wire. Sophie Ryder: 'Crawling Lady Hare' - 1997. Galvanized wire on steel armature. Frank Fleming: 'Gathering of Animals' - 1997-98. Bronze. John T. Scott: 'Tree Poem' -1998. Aluminum and wood. Siah Armajani,:'The Glass Bridge for Nashville' - 2003. Glass and steel on concrete foundation.

Phillipe Chadwick

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