Fall/Winter crops for the home garden

No doubt that the summer harvest in Tennessee is plentiful. There are so many vegetables that grow well here. But a fall garden can produce a big bounty too. Tammy Algood is at Red Thread Farm in Franklin Tennessee to learn what varieties of carrot, radish, and kale they grow in their high-yielding garden.

Gardener Extras

  1. The very thin smooth skin of the Dragon carrot makes it easier to wash and serve unpeeled than other purples.
  2. Rainbow carrots do differ in flavor from orange. White ones are mild, yellow ones are an earthy sweet flavor, adn purple can be very sweet with a peppery taste.
  3. Daikon radish, also called 'mooli', is an important ingredient in the cookery of Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam and India, where it is served raw, pickled or cooked.
  4. Watermelon radish is firm and criso with a mild taste that's a blend of slightly peppery and slightly sweet.
  5. Dwarf blue curled Scotch kale is an heirloom variety that is a good companion plant for cabbage or potatoes.
  6. White Russian kale is considered to be one of the sweeter varieties and performs well when exposed to short periods of cool weather and can also withstand soggy soil and less sunshine than most other varieties.

Gardener Notes

Red Thread Farm 5561 Parker Branch Road, Franklin TN 37064 [email protected] redthreadfarm.com Farm Store Wed-Sat 9am - 4pm

Tammy Algood

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