Organic Farming: Good Start = Good Result

Jeff Poppen has been farming the organic way for decades. He shares his wisdom for those who are just becoming farmers. He covers a lot of the basics: plan before you plant, when to plow and when to plant, successive planting, tending a healthy compost pile, smart use of cover crops, the importance of lime, and keeping the critters away.

Gardener Extras

  1. When there are wide fluctuations in soil moisture, it reduces a plant's ability to take up calcium from the soil. When the demand for calcium exceeds supply, the tissues in the fruit break down.
  2. Lime has been used safely in agriculture for more than a thousand years to change the soil pH, making it easier for plants to take up minerals and nutrients from the soil. Lime also promotes the spread of new, good bacteria by supplying critical nutrients like phosphorus and zinc.

Gardener Notes

Jeff Poppen

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