Bare Root Tree Stock

The cost of a bare root tree is typically 1/4 the cost of ball and burlap ones of similar size. Wanting to make the biggest impact toward the Root Nashville campaign to plant a half million trees by 2050, Metro Water Services in Davidson County TN is nurturing 100 bare root trees. To successfully do that, they’ve built a raised bed and filled it with gravel. The bare root trees are held here, getting regular irrigation, for 3-6 months. During this time their root systems will grow stronger and ready for planting.

Gardener Extras

  1. Root Nashville is a public private campaign, led by Metro Nashville and the Cumberland River Compact, to plant 500,000 trees across Davidson County by 2050. (Launched 10/3/18.)
  2. A single 10' maple tree intercepts over 1.500 gallons of storm water a year.
  3. A raised gravel bed like this should safely hold plant stock for up to 3-6 months.
  4. Trees that are 1" caliper by one year after planting will count towards the half million goal.
  5. Bare root stock is typically 1/4 the cost of ball and burlap.

Julie Berbiglia

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