Caladiums are known as ‘angel wings’. We check out the varieties in the garden beds and containers of a grower who has included caladiums in her home landscape for more than 30 years. She tells us how and when to plant in USDA zone 7. She also shares when and how to store properly.

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CALADIUM 'Miss Muffet'

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  1. In October, lift tubers from dirt. Let dry with foliage left on for 2 weeks. Separate foliage from tubers. Divide into marked bins per variety color. Store at 60 degrees in a vented box between layers of peat moss or shredded newspaper, beginning and ending with packing material.
  2. Lance shaped foliage varieties of caladium, also known as strap-leaf, are more compact and a bit more cold-tolerant.
  3. Charlsie reports that caladium bulbs tend to get smaller after each growing season.
  4. All parts of a caladium are poisonous if ingested. Keep children and pets out of reach.

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Charlsie mentioned she gets her bulbs through happinessfarmscaladiums,com 1.866.892.0396 Lake Placid, FL

Annette Shrader

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