Historic Savage Garden

Arthur Savage bought a house with 1.7 acres of property in 1917 in what is now Fountain City, TN. He had quite the eye for design, and devoted time and money toward creating a premiere garden. Features include substantial structures, a 280′ rock wall, trees, shrubs and flowers. It’s heyday was in the late 1920’s. With Arthur’s death in 1946, this garden fell into disrepair and was neglected. In 1986, an energetic couple bought Savage Garden with the hopes of restoring it back to its former grandeur. It has far exceeded expectations. Annette Shrader leads us on a tour with one of the property’s owners, Bill Dohm.

Gardener Extras

  1. There are 280' of original rock walls. Savage Garden is in Zone 7. Arthur Savage, along with his brother W.L. made a small fortune in the early 1900's manufacturing industrial equipment. Arthur Savage built a total of 3 gardens in TN. The others are in Rocky Top and Gatlinburg. Every week, 3 gardeners spend 80 hours in the maintenance of Savage Garden

Annette Shrader

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