Landscape Vignettes into Cohesive Design

This plant collector/gardener has created lovely vignettes throughout his large backyard. One vignette leads to the next and unifies all of the garden spaces.

Plants Featured in this Clip

ACER japonica Dancing Peacock
PARROTIA persica (Persian ironweed)
ACER palmatum Inaba Shidare
ACER palmatum Kiyohime
ACER palmatum (Lion's main) Shishigashira
ACER palmatum Garnet
PINUS thunbergii (Japanese Black Pine)
TAXUS cuspidata Emerald Spreader
PICEA orientalis Skylands

Gardener Notes

Plants highlighted: Acer japonica 'Aconitifollium' or Dancing Peacock Parrotia persica (Persian Ironweed) Acer palmatum 'Inaba Shidare' Acer palmatum 'Kiyohime' Acer palmatum 'Shishigashira' (Lion's mane, Lion's head) Acer palmatum 'Garnet' Pinus thunbergii (Japanese Black Pine) Taxus cuspidata 'Emerald Spreader' Picea orientalis 'Skylands'

Marty DeHart

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