Tennessee Tomato Club

We visit with a couple who are part of a grassroots group that call themselves the Tennessee Tomato Club. Members get together during the winter to cull seed catalogs and decide what they’ll be growing for the coming tomato season. We visit their large tomato patch to see how those selections are producing.

Gardener Extras

  1. Tomatoes will perform best if planted in a spot that drains well. A poor draining location is more likely to have split fruit.
  2. As the tomato plant grows, diligently remove lower branches. On determinate varieties, remove the lower 6". Keep leaf litter, fallen fruit, weeds, and other debris away from the base of plants.
  3. The Tomato Club choices to grow in 2022: Champagne Bubbles (mini cherry, sweet), Gobstopper (split resistant variety), Chocolate Stripes (does well in any zone), Striped Roma (heirloom variety with colorful flare), Wapsipinicon Peach (best-tasting), Riesentraube (old German heirloom), Pork Chop (true yellow with golden stripes),

Sheri Gramer

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